Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent artistic expression

Squirt loves to draw. It's really convenient actually since it's an easy way to keep her busy while I'm making dinner or something else. Oh, who am I kidding, His Hotness usually cooks dinner and Squirt often draws all over her homework when she's supposed to be working on multiplication. I still get a kick out of the pictures.

Squirt and I have been talking about making a new job chart. Her mother (yes, me) has procrastinated the task and so she took it upon herself to get it done. I love that she only has one job each day and that she only has to "Lisin to mom" on Wednesdays.

Self portraits make me happy. If I drew one of myself it might look almost this good. 

Clearly this was drawn on a day she was less than pleased with me... :) I'm still adjusting to the desire for privacy - and yet I'm happy about it to because I know it's normal. And hey, when I'm a bird I 'm really tall!

As if to demonstrate that she knows how to keep herself busy by herself, I love this representation of everything she could be doing. 

I confess I didn't understand this one until Jim told me about it. Squirt loves to make "mailboxes" to keep outside her room for me to leave her little letters. It was the spelling of "eeroww" (arrow) that took a while to connect.

Introducing our first imaginary friend. It's funny to me that she invented Lilly after knowing clearly that she's purely pretend. Lilly surfaces only once in a great while and often it is when she is upset and seeking for an escape, but I still find it to be the most awesome thing ever.

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