Friday, November 18, 2011

Lady Ducks B-ball

Friday nights are fantastic. We often spend weekends at some Duck event or another. One perk of activities being included in student fees is that now we feel like we can go to games whenever we want and it's totally free. Even though it was paid for. Anywho...

Squirt takes her stuffed duck to most of the games. Tonight she packed it into this stinking cute owl bag I just finished for her that I affectionately refer to as my I-saw-it-on-pinterest-and-actually-made-it bag; And His Hotness made his characteristic serious face for the photo op.

We sat at the baseline (or as non-sports people call it - the skinny end) of the court and were in the second row. The cheerleaders sat right in front of us and Squirt spent the entire evening deciding whose hair looked most like hers and who she wants to be like when she's a teenager. Um, yes. I might cry.

At halftime there was an elementary unicycle club that displayed their skills. The group twirled and circled to the Star Wars theme and it was especially cute to see how little some of them are and how capable they are. Of course, the collisions were pretty awesome too :)

I didn't take a single picture of actual basketball or think of the self-portrait until we were back at the car. Clearly we aren't all in focus - but it's the best there was.

You'll just have to believe me that we won 77-74 over Illinois. Go Ducks!

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