Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our first non-traditional Thanksgiving...

This year found us childless. Both were with their other parents and we had a few days to ourselves, which is a little uncommon these days. We decided to get the heck out of Dodge and take a small trip. Since Squirt flew out from Portland Wednesday night, we took that as a cue to head northward.

Leaving Portland we drove toward Port Angeles with a couple stops on the way. Unfortunately, I was attacked by a vampire as we passed through Forks. It rained the majority of the time we were driving and we unexpectedly ran into some snow in Olympic National Park. It came completely out of the blue and didn't last very long. In Port Angeles we picked up some Jack in the Box burgers for Thanksgiving dinner. Don't fret, we did the turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/pie thing last weekend before Squirt left on her trip.

Port Angeles is a darling little town. From there we boarded a ferry bound for Victoria, B.C. We were expecting rain the entire weekend but found we had clear skies (and even sunshine) most of the time.  Victoria is beautiful. I think it's weaseled it's way into my soul and made me feel at least partially Canadian at heart.

The Butchart Gardens in Victoria are stunning. They were getting ready for the 12 Days of Christmas holiday display and once we figured out what all the random statues were supposed to be about we had to start at the beginning again and make sure we'd found them all.

After taking the ferry back to the states we spent a day in Seattle without taking any pictures, as unbelievable as that is. We drove up to the North Cascades and found the rain that we had escaped all weekend. Then we headed to Mt. Rainier but sadly didn't get to see the mountain as low clouds and snow took visibility down to an extremely minimal distance. No biggie. It was great to go and we've added some new locations to our summer camping bucket list.

This weekend added more things for us to be thankful for. Despite being a fairly atypical Holiday, we had a marvelous time and wouldn't change a thing.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! Your trip sounds so very familiar (sans Vampire) Eric and I spent our honeymoon in Port Angeles, Forks, and Victoria Canada. Also hit the gardens.. gorgeous isn't it? We were in Forks before the vampire days, whew...


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