Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Hallows Eve

It began as any other day, since Buglet's school doesn't allow costumes at school. Instead they held a Harvest Festival the Friday before. That was quite different than any school function we had ever been to in the sense that it was "laid back" and "minimally organized" as another parent tried to explain to me. We arrived 5 minutes after the affair was to begin and nothing was set up and none of the staff knew where the kids were supposed to be, but the Principal was greeting everyone while dressed as a shark. Eventually the local-apple-tasting tables were set up, the craft tables were accessible, and the music was playing in the black-lit gym. There was not a piece of candy in sight but the kids didn't care. They ran around in costume and had a ball, which made me think of how much we overdo things in the name of fun. Kids don't really need much to be happy.

Also last week we attended our church Halloween party. This was a complete blast as we seriously adore all the littles we live near and seeing them in costume was pretty fantastic.

But back to Monday... the University of Oregon held a Halloween carnival for K-3 grades in the dorms. Random, I know. They had carnival games, pumpkin and cookie decorating, and then trick-or-treating in the dorms. I wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up being really cute and quite fun. At least Squirt had fun.

She snarfed down the cookie she iced as we headed home and went to the little gathering in our apartment's community room - which was interrupted as we saw friends starting to trick-or-treat and ran to join them. More families from the apartments gradually emerged and we all walked around together.  It was a challenge to know where to go as the "come get a 'trick or treaters welcome' sign" memo was not well communicated. We gave out glow bracelets as we meandered around and giggled at the cuteness of so many of the little people.

After which we came home and finally had dinner. Shower, scriptures, and it was time for bed. Tuesday, she got a package of candy from her dad. Which means she got a full basket of candy last Wednesday, a full basket Monday, and a big box yesterday. Today I am thankful for dental insurance.

A good, busy Holiday week for Batgirl.

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