Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It has arrived

Squirt literally got on the bus 24 minutes ago for her first day of school but it seems everyone else has been in school for a week or more at this point. It seems we run on a completely different schedule than the rest of the world.

I took all the typical "by the door" pictures but when we walked out to the bus stop I felt she was much more natural and a lot less "Ok, mom, just get it over with so I can go find my friends and the bus." She's sooooo very excited to go to school! (I do sort of miss when she needed me...)

She litterally started jogging after the bus as it was coming up to park. Funny, excited, anxious little bug.

And so it begins; another school year. I feel somewhat guilty that she's starting 3rd grade and this is the 3rd school she's been in. I attended the same school all k-12 so this moving thing is completely foreign to me. She handles it like a champ.

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