Friday, September 30, 2011

HW craftiness

Every year I try to add something to our Holiday decor for each season. This year since I have time on my hands to do such things I finally made a couple things I've had planned for probably three Halloween's so far. I can't wait to decorate tomorrow. Seriously. It will be a blast to make our home feel a little festive. (I'm still working on the focal length thing for pictures. Forgive the hind legs being the ones that are in focus. His hotness is still working on getting me to have my eyes checked.)

Beaded spiders like the ones from Tatertots & Jello
The spiders were trickier than you would think, but just because only half the beads in the package had holes large enough to fit the wire I bought. Sorting out 25-35 beads per leg x 8 legs x 6 spiders really got tiring. Then half of the larger beads didn't fit a double thickness of wire so I re-drilled the holes. Oh, cordless drill, I heart you!!!!!!!

Drippy blood candlesticks from Martha Stewart
The candles? They were a piece of cake. I used candles found for $0.50 each at the thrift store. I just couldn't buy new ones to do this with when I wasn't sure how it would turn out. At night they look rather ominous.

Squirt got into the spirit and made some beaded spiders of her own.

We've got this great big Ziploc bag of miscellaneous beads. I'm so glad whenever we have a chance to use them. I used to be one of those neurotic mothers who kept all the pieces to each game/craft/whatever grouped in baggies. Then I got some sense knocked into me and merged all the partial jewelry kits together. I'm so glad I did!!! I'm not stressed about cross-contamination and let's face it, they actually get used now.

Happy Almost-October!

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