Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fruits of Labor

Just up the road about a quarter mile is a park. This park is where I typically run in the mornings, when I haven't left my shoes at my brother-in-laws house that is. There is a nice bark trail surrounding a grove of trees and following a creek on one side. Frequently in the mornings I find people stopped at the creek harvesting natures bounty: Blackberries. Wild blackberries that grow with reckless abandon along this path and many others are frequented by those who desire to partake of the delight without the $4.50/pint often asked for at the farmers market.

This afternoon Squirt and I walked over to collect some of our own. I questioned if any would be left considering the size of containers I often witness being filled to overflowing.  At first my fears appeared to be correct. We found the bushes, but they were devoid of fruit. And then we walked a few more feet...

That was all it took to discover the dark, juicy ripe berries we sought. Now, I love blackberries something fierce. I don't devour them quite as quickly as our little squirt (oh, how she would love this!) but I do love them. Big squirt has the idea in her head that she likes them, but the faces she makes upon consumption would beg to differ. Despite that, she loved picking them and would eat them when I wasn't looking (I'd tell her we needed to wash them you see...). I loved to see her so happy about this. I think it's important for kids to be exposed to nature and to glimpse where our food comes from. Perhaps she is recognizing that things taste better fresh...

She enjoyed every moment of it, until she got caught in the thorns of a stealthy branch. I can say for certain now, $4.50/pint is worth it when the thorns are considered. We were not the only ones enjoying the bushes. The wasps were buzzing around thankfully. I love it, I for one want pollinators to keep doing their job so I can reap the bounty of their labors!

Toward the end of filling our little basket, Squirt squished a berry to oblivion and ended up with purple fingers. "Friedrich told you, Father, we were berry picking." Those VonTrapp kids didn't think that lie through very clearly as their fingers would have spoken clearly to the point.

I think these will end up in some blackberry streusel muffins tomorrow morning. What a great way to greet the day. Oregon is on my good list again.

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