Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday we went to a friend's house concert. This was not like the concerts of my youth or early thirties, riddled with musicians who will deprive themselves of all the basic needs of life just for time to play, who sacrifice all for the sake of the music never knowing for sure where money for next months rent will come from. This was a group of married graduate students who play for fun and, I imagine, a bit of stress relief. The kid on the keys? Yeah, he just passed the Bar. Wahoo!!

It was the kind of gig a whole family could attend. And come they did. The kids danced and played and really got into every aspect of the music. Squirt found a friend right away and made herself at home. Granted, I did drag her to a few house and small venue concerts starting when she was 3. This is old hat for her. Hopefully this one will sink in more than the others and if she dates musicians she'll pick ones that can balance passion and responsible accomplishment... (fingers crossed... fingers crossed... fingers crossed)

And His Hotness? Yeah, he thought I'd enjoy going and skipped watching the BYU football game so we could go. I know, he's the best. (We did follow it constantly on the 'ol iphone however so survival was imminent.)

After the music was done, the kids were given a chance to explore (tamper with) the equipment. Squirt went for the keyboard first (I think she misses our piano) and then couldn't help but dance to the music. She was dancing and snapping to the beat like a real pro.

And then she took her own turn with the drums. It was a blast and quite possibly one of the only house concerts taking place the weekend before classes start where no one was smoking weed. It's good to have grad school families as friends! We've been told this was the first of many shows for The Beard Whisperers. Let fall term begin!

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