Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Survived, and surprised (but not really)

Aeryn ended up with quite the stash. It's nothing new, I mean, isn't that half of the point?

We went to pick Jim up from school and had the "I want to go by myself talk" to which Jim and I both said not this year. Then five minutes after we got started making the rounds we met up with some of our friends, Aeryn met up with some of her friends, and it changed into "sure." I think that made her night. Trick or treating without parents right there. Fun for her, sad for me, as now there are no in progress pictures. Oh well, I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Eugene is a little quirky, in case I've not said that before. I'm frequently the only mom who gives out real sugar and things packed in plastic at school parties. I'm still learning how to function in this completely organic and recyclable world while secretly wishing I was Martha. Looking through the stash, Aeryn ended up with cough drops and packets of Truvia. Someone must be highly anti-sugar, forgot to buy candy, or experiencing their first Halloween in the US. Too bad it's something we won't use.

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