Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frankie Stein

After last year, when I finally made a Halloween costume and fulfilled my life's fantasy, I've decided I never need to do it again. Then again, I'm not sure Aeryn wants me to anymore. She is really into Monster High right now and her dad sent her a costume for this year. They looked at pictures on the computer as they were video chatting and narrowed it down to this one. Once my big concern (modesty) was met I gave the go-ahead. Aeryn is in heaven.

In case you aren't familiar with Monster High, the characters are all teenage kids of Monsters - Frankie Stein, you guessed it, is the daughter of Frankenstein. Aeryn has two of the dolls that she purchased with her own money; Lagoona Blue who is the daughter of the sea monster, and Abbey Bominable who is the daughter of the Yeti.

Tonight was the Harvest Festival at her school. Since kids are not allowed to wear costumes to school they do this evening activity to indulge the kids, though it is nothing like the Halloween parties we had at school when I was a kid. There's no foggy dry ice punch, or candy, or anything remotely commercial. There were crafts in the cafeteria, a dance party in the gym, local apple tasting, and a costume parade. The kids had a blast, which makes me think I'm the only one who misses the sugar and the fluff.

Enamored with the wig, Aeryn has begged to wear it to school every day. Since the answer was "no," she's now resolved to do her hair like this in junior high. We have an agreement that once she's in high school she can dye her hair if she wants. I sure do hope this isn't in fashion when we get there.

Happy {almost} Halloween from Frankie Stein!


  1. Oh my goodness. Both girls look great. I LOVE Ellie's boots. And I totally knew what Aeryn was just from the pictures. That costume is awesome. I agree - making Halloween costumes is totally overrated and wayyyy too much work. :)

  2. My girls figured this one out right away, lol! I'm so lazy with Halloween these days that my girls are pretty much forced to go through whatever odds and ends we have and make up whatever they plan to do from that. I think sewing for the SCA burned me out . . . and it's been years since I did that . . .


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