Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jogathon 2012

It was time for the school's annual jogathon. Jim was able to take a break in the morning so we could both go cheer on Squirt. It was a completely different experience this year, but she still managed to hang out with her "best friend" of the moment.

The fifth graders were given a one lap head start, so the fourth graders watched anxiously to begin.

Every lap she would look for me to make sure I was watching and taking pictures.

I'm a little glad she still likes me (most of the time) and is happy for me to know what is going on with her school life.

The kids would all jump to hit the balloons with each lap - it was pretty cute and often rather humorous.

I didn't get a shot at the end, but she did 16 laps again this year. Last year she ran more and then hung out at the water table between laps. This year, she walked more than she ran. I'd say two full miles is a pretty good achievement for a kid.

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