Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ellie's Celebratory Weekend

Perhaps I shouldn't be the one to blog this. I mean, I wasn't there {Insert completely distraught face here}, but Ellie had a pretty spectacular birthday weekend as far as I can tell. Jim and his mom both went out to Cali to see her and it was quite a busy few days. Like a sneaky wife I swiped the camera back so I could peruse the photos while the hubs is at school/work (skwerk?).

The party was held at the home of our awesome friends and included the "normal" SoCal crowd, including some kids that Ellie has known for pretty much forever - in 6 year old terms.

Aren't they all just so darling?

There was a pinata, of the ribbon-pull variety, and it was naturally a highlight of the day. That was clear in all the chaotic kids-scouring-the-ground pictures.

They attended a birthday party the night before for the dad of the host family and there was a ton of cake left over. Instead of loading everyone up with more cake than their britches could handle, Ellie got her own fantastically decorated cupcake and everyone else got leftovers. Since Grandma had brought cute candles to adorn a larger sugary concoction, they all got crammed onto Ellie's one little cupcake. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.

A great day for a fun little girl and her fun little friends. 

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