Thursday, November 8, 2012


Because mom needs something to focus on other than Pokemon...

Aeryn has a five day weekend; two days off for parent-teacher conferences and one day off for Veteran's day. She's been wanting her hair in little braids for a while now, and I promised her that we could do it now. It only took 45 minutes and she is thrilled with it. I wish the braids were smaller and that her hair was longer, but it's pretty fun nonetheless. She picked some silly Pokemon movie to watch while we were doing it and this way I had something else to focus on and spare myself the agony of the movie.


  1. What did it look like the next day?
    I was going to leave a comment on you 'favorite things' post but could not figure out how.... You are not so strange. Reed COULD NOT write about his favorite... anything when assigned. Since that would offend the other unchosen 'thing'.


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