Friday, November 23, 2012


Don't kids have the most awesome words? I never wanted to correct Aeryn when she said "spageeto" instead of mosquito, and I know Jim has really fond memories of Ellie saying "hippopomotomus." Right now, Ellie's word is volleyvall, despite the fact that this one has been corrected a lot. She has such a phenomenal vocabulary and use of language that her not-quite-right words are extra awesome.

We went to the last home game of the women's volleyball for the season this past Tuesday. The girls were super excited, as evidence by their blurred dancing on the jumbotron. They really love the energy at the games.

When the players come in after their break between sets 2 & 3, students get to line up and welcome them back to the court. Jim knew the girls would love this but the court guards didn't want to let them down there since it's supposed to be only students. Jim pulled out his ID to verify that we are in fact students, while other spectators in the stands were rooting for the girls to get to go down. They applauded the decision maker when they agreed to let the girls in the line.

I couldn't see Ellie's face at all, but I could tell they all had a great time with it.

By far the best part of the night was post-game, when the team was going to sign autographs. Jim bought each of the girls a mini-volleyball and they love them even more than we hoped. It was a complete surprise how well that gesture was received.

We had been nervous to go since the game started at 8:00 and Aeryn still had school the following day. The promise of autographs was enough to keep them up, happy, and completely cooperative even as they both became very tired. Honestly, I was shocked.

I've never really been a sports fan until I married into it, but I've got to say I really like this. It's fun for the girls to see what these college girls are accomplishing with hard work and I really think it gives them some strong girls to look up to. I also like this picture because I think it's awesome that Alaina Bergsma is a seriously fantastic volleyball player as well as being Miss Oregon. The girl is a powerhouse. Seeing her play changes my preconceptions about beauty pageant contestants.

It was a really fun day.

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