Monday, November 12, 2012

Squirt Loves Thrifting

Since there was no school today (the last day of Squirt's 5 day weekend) I had some things I wanted to do. There's a new Jo-Ann's nearby that simply HAD to be explored, Aeryn had a free frosty certificate from tooth she had to have pulled last week, and I figured I'd pop into the Goodwill that was right next door just because. Since I had some specific things I was hoping to track down, I let Aeryn look at the kids area for a few minutes by herself. When I came to check on her, she was crazy excited about a pair of rollerblades sitting in the aisle.

Like a typical realistic mom, I checked the size before I responded because frankly, those suckers looked huge for her. They were a men's size 9 which made her little kids size 3 heart a bit sad. Since I'd seen an aisle full of sporting goods I suggested we go double check what was over there. As luck would have it we found a perfect pair of pink and black rollerblades in amazing shape and her size for a whopping $4.99. Since Squirt had her own money with her there was no decision to be made: those rollerblades were coming home with us.

As luck would have it, we got to the register and found that they were the right tag color to be 50% off. Squirt landed a pair of awesome rollerblades for $2.50.

I confess that I wasn't sure I believed her when she said she knew how to use them. Apparently they have rollerblades at school in P.E. once in a while. Knowing her trepidation on skates I was uncertain how they'd go over.

The first lap looked much like the above picture (with about as much movement as you see there too).

Her enthusiasm was pretty contagious.

She kept giggling to herself about how she was really doing it. She finished one lap and even though I thought for sure she would be done with it kept going. Next thing I knew she was at our friends' home saying "look what I got for $2.50!"

By the end of the third lap, she seemed to have the hang of things, at least enough to skate as quickly as I walk. This could be the best $2.50 ever.

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  1. Great pictures... she looks so happy! Awesome find, Goodwill rocks!


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