Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Snipets

It's been a good week. Granted, it's been about as "normal" of a week as any we've ever had. We didn't go on any trips or plan anything glamorous, which is probably a good thing since at the beginning of the week Ellie was sick and by the end Jim was too.

We rode bikes to a nearby park and the girls ran around for a bit, but this park is geared toward younger kids and they tired of it quickly. We rode around a while more and called it good.

So we made salt dough egg ornaments and had fun painting them. I amazed the kids by putting them in the oven to dry the paint quickly. They now think I'm super-human.

I really love Aeryn's hipster glasses - aka 3D glasses with the lenses popped out. She's worn them to school a couple times and is really bummed that she hasn't successfully convinced me she needs real ones.

Needing a break from playing cruise director, I suggested a lunch picnic. It started barely sprinkling and the kids decided they needed shelter from the storm and moved under the apartment stairwell.

More great everyday moments to remember... Every time we are together I feel they are building a closer bond. They play and bicker and act somewhat like real siblings. Now if only we could get past the need for everything to be identical between them. They have different interests and personalities, but if we give one a surprise or opportunity that is different than the other there is great outcry that we are being unfair. Lucky kids, it's best to learn early that life isn't exactly fair - and that is ok.

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  1. My mantra has been Life is Fair but it isn't always EQUAL. You get what you need and we will try to be fair....but needs shift constantly.


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