Monday, April 1, 2013

Rock Band

Aeryn recently finished a recorder unit at school, after which she was able to bring her recorder home. She is so excited about it since she has been begging to take music lessons. We didn't bring my piano and they don't offer music in the elementary schools so we haven't taken action on that front yet, so the recorder is a really exciting thing. 

She and Ellie have been playing random notes on that thing almost constantly. One day, I was told I couldn't go outside because they had a surprise. Clearly I had to find a way to sneak out and peek and this is what I found:

Aside from the really bad spelling, I love that they are charging $0.50 to watch and $1.00 to join them in performing. They explained that Jim and I could come for free. If all the neighbor kids are free and we are free, then I'm really hoping they don't count on this for a substantial income. 

As it turns out, we weren't home at the right time and the concert has been delayed indefinitely. 

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