Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Littles in our Life

We realized something tragic. With friends moving this summer, there are a whole bunch of kids we love who Ellie may never see again. That all depends on if they move before she gets here this summer, which is as yet uncertain. Jim wanted to be sure we got pictures of the kids all together - you know - more than I already do since I'm a little camera-happy with them all.

When it comes to kids, my favorite pictures are always candid. You just can't force a child to smile and stand perfectly. In effort to preserve the relationships we've built at this point in time I offer the following:

Our attempt at a group shot. At least most of them are happy. Whippy was not thrilled with the idea.

Can't you tell? I don't think she liked feeling contained.

At the start of the week when Ellie first got here, two brothers were fighting over who loves Ellie more. I can't remember who "won" the argument, but right after I took this picture I just said "now, kiss!" and Darion went for it. Ellie was a little faster however and was able to evade it successfully.

Baby-boyfriend and Ellie were trying to see each other really big and really small at the same time through his binoculars. Just try to tell me this isn't better than a perfectly posed and fought for picture with half smiling children.

Ellie and her Whippy. My favorite thing is how this is just perfectly both of them. Ellie hovering over her and Whippy twirling her hair and sucking her thumb. This is a common sight for both of them.

I think this is the brother who won the love-debate. He's really sweet and has a huge heart. It's not uncommon for his tears when Ellie leaves to bring both Jim and his mom to emotional breakdown.

We had to pretend to be t-rexes, Indians, football players, and a host of other things before they could be somewhat normal. It's all good. I don't think that smile would have emerged otherwise.

Her favorite big kid will still be around, however.

Next year will be weird. I'm choosing not to think about it. {Still}

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