Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Afternoon Delight

The sun keeps teasing us with minor, but well appreciated, appearances. It's funny what happens when the sun shines in the Northwest, life is put on hold and the focus is on drinking up the brightness and warmth while it exists. I love these kind of days. 

I'm happy with the frequency of these days lately. We've had more than two now and it's almost addicting.

The neighbor kids all run around like hooligans and have a serious blast. There was a time when I thought the worst thing in the world would be to raise a child in an apartment, but goodness gracious we have a good deal here. So many friends abound; Friends who occasionally seem more like part-time siblings.

One half of our typical group is moving this summer. Selfishly I've told them all that this is not acceptable and they must stay until we graduate too. Then I stop being a shmuck and start being happy for them that they are done with this grad-school roller coaster. After that I get on and fill my wishing-to-own-a-house-again daydreaming binges through virtual shopping homes for friends' families. Seriously, like pinterest isn't bad enough for my insatiable dreaming...

In the meantime, I'm just so happy everyone is still here.

Silly Spring-like afternoons are just so much more fun with company.

I'm going to be really sad when my baby-boyfriend moves (in the red car). Perhaps his parents will let him stay here with me??? I know what you're thinking and I don't think so either, unfortunately.

At least I'll still have this hunk of handsomeness to keep me company.

I don't know if I've said it enough, but I really love these kind of days.  


  1. I miss you all so much, almost as much as I miss Eugene.

    As always, beautiful pictures!

    1. I actually meant that I miss you guys more than I miss Eugene, which is a lot... it just came out backwards. :P

  2. I love these pictures, I agree, best little neighborhood ever!

  3. I guess I need to go back to school now so that we can move back. I'm sure me going to school trumps Taylor's job, right? Each sunny day here I think of what I would be doing if we were still in Eugene, and you captured that perfectly.


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