Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to the Track

Saturday morning began as every Saturday should(not). While trying to squish my way into my favorite jeans a giant rip made it's way through the derriere. They were the most expensive jeans I've ever owned and I've worn them for many, many years. They had a great wash, make my legs look skinny, and go with everything.  It was not a happy moment. In a spirit of makethebestofitness I continued on with the morning as though my heart was not broken.

Squirt however had a lovely morning. We picked up a friend and headed to the track for the kids run, jump, throw events prior to the Spring Preview meet. It was a cold morning, and I didn't think to suggest sweat pants. All was well though, the excitement carried her through the chill. 

There was a mini javelin throw, using foam javelins and softballs. That was not Aeryn's specialty, but she got a real kick out of trying. Even if her first attempt at throwing a softball didn't even make it over the fence. I think I need to get this girl outside more.

Somewhere the girls are hiding in one edge of this picture. They had all the kids throw javelins at once.

Long Jump was another fun deal. Aeryn tends to run and take a tiny jump right to the edge of the sand then a second jump into the pit. It's not quite the way it's supposed to work, but it gets the job done well enough when it's all for fun.

The girls probably had more fun dancing in the line than doing the events.

These tiny hurdles were about the cutest things ever. They were maybe 10 inches tall and it seemed the kids would be able to clear them if they just ran normally. Aeryn was super excited for this event and it made her feel like a rockstar.

As fate would have it, the final event was a run. Not just any run, but the 400m. I was pretty nervous since neither girl is tremendously athletic. Aeryn put her all into this one and actually beat 4 kids! I can't say how many there were in all, but the best part was that she was happy and not dead at the end of it. Her friend survived it, but didn't enjoy it as much as she did.

Afterward I dropped the girls off and headed to the mall to recover from the great denim tragedy of 2013. There was some seriously good shopping energy going on and I was able to find two pairs of jeans that I like and FIT! Even better? The total for both pairs came to less than $30 and one of them is Seven for all Mankind. I've never been so happy about ripping a favorite item of clothing. Let the new week commence. 

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