Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A speck of sunlight

After we returned from Christmas in Washington, we were greeted by a deluge of water that lasted for 2-3 days. I was glad, actually, as I had started to question the sanity of every person who told me that winters are wet in the Northwest. Every pleasantly mild overcast or misty day I thought to myself "Huh. What rain?" and I was disappointed to not be able to break in my rain boots. Those days of rain were welcomed - by me at least.

Today was a delightful 50-something degrees with bright sunlight. This too was welcomed. His Hotness and I had wanted to get outside and do something with the kids if possible, and boy was it ever possible. We packed up and headed to the coast.

His Hotness has joked about the fact that Squirt may not have gotten what she imagined a little sister to be with Jellie-Bellie. Squirt would love someone to follow her around and look up to her as though she is a caretaker and role model but Jellie-Bellie is a bit too independent to let her fill that role. This moment was rare in that Jellie-Bellie wanted Squirt to help her and for a moment they were able to fill the sibling roles that Squirt imagines.

Partly due to the fact that the water was a delightful 43.3 degrees (as measured by the infrared thermometer we brought with us), we tried to keep the kids as dry as possible. Which meant tempting fate and running from the water hoping to escape the very moment before saturation becomes imminent. In case there was a doubt, they were both soaked up to about the knees before we left.

Posing on the rocks. Looking through these pictures is where I realized that I need to hand off the camera once in a while so I can be in some of them. Or remember to pack the tripod. That would work too.

This picture melts my heart a little. His Hotness and I decided long ago that we were each going to let the kids call us what they wanted - so long as it was nice. Names are so personal and represent the relationship we have with someone. As far as I'm concerned, Jellie-Bellie can call me by my first name forever if she wants. The last few days though she has called me mom a few times. I will never ask for that - but it made me feel like we've got a good little bond going on.

It was a great day at the coast for our little family.

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