Monday, January 16, 2012


So it really did happen, of course. She's getting big!!! But enough about that... Saturday started like most any other day, except for the fact that Squirt woke up at 6:00 and started knocking on our bedroom door every five minutes for about the next 45 minutes until I had a minor nervous breakdown and relocated to the couch so she'd quit trying to come get me. I was a brilliant parent, and we set all her gifts out on the living room chair to tempt her mercilessly. At least that was the end result.

She played her first basketball games on Saturday. They were ref training games and truthfully I felt quite sorry for one of the kids. He didn't "demand it!" quite the way his trainer expected... but I digress... She had a blast. I don't think she really has any clue what is going on still, but she did have one lengthy dribble down the court.

After three games, a shower, and a tiny bit of down time we went for a birthday dinner of her choice: Carls' Jr. As we got there she asked if we could go through the drive through... which was both hilarious and not indulged. Birthday dinners are not to-go (at least in the grown up mind). We made faces and played with the shutter remote while waiting for our food.

And then the moment(s) arrived: cake and presents!

The cake was a simple coconut cake served with double chocolate ice cream. While I was playing with the camera and timer, His Hotness was being goofy and smearing icing all over the birthday girls' face. She loved it.

Despite the fact that Christmas was here about fourteen minutes ago, she got some serious stuff. In addition to the pile pictured there was a huge stack of clothes and a new winter coat. After conversations with many different family members, it was time to play Skylander, have a dramatic sugar crash, and collapse in bed. She had a great day.

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