Monday, January 16, 2012


Squirt had a birthday this weekend. It's a birthday that is hard for me to face. I'm a sentimental mother and for the past six years (prior to my marriage) it has just been the two of us. She's been my other half for so long, it's hard to realize that we're halfway to the point that she leaves the "nest."

She doesn't view it that way of course. To her it's another year older which means another year closer to the freedoms older kids get. And presents. It was definitely about presents. I realized after the festivities were done that once again I was in a precious few photos with her. Several years ago I had made a goal to be in at least one photo with her each month, even if it was a cheesy self-portrait snapped in the bathroom mirror before bedtime on the last day of the month. Since meeting His Hotness, I've gotten out of that habit and I realize now how much I miss it. 

Before bedtime, I made Squirt take some pictures with me. 

I can't believe how big she is now. I can't believe that we're halfway to the move-out point. I can't believe how different our life has become from when she was little. It's beautiful and completely amazing but I confess that a small part of me is not loving this whole growing-up business.

Happy Birthday baby girl. With every passing year you weasel your way deeper into my heart.

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