Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Sometimes it really is the little things. The last couple days have been filled with relaxation, playing at the park with neighbors, and just being. It's nice to let kids be kids and not worry about the hype and chaos of Holidays, travel, or other such things. Squirt had her first day back at school today and in the afternoon the weather cooperated again so we spent a good chunk of time outside.

Jellie-Bellie wanted me to capture her "being a tree." Rest assured she was merely 3 feet off the ground, if that.

She also loved riding a bike - a LOT. In fact she tried at one point to get Squirt off her bike and teaching her how to ride with no training wheels. If not for the fact that the other bike was way too big and she had no helmet, I might have just sat and watched that scene unfold.

After every lap of the common area, she would pose for the camera (often making goofy faces) and I would wait until she circled again to show her the image.

We took Squirt's new basketball to the park and had a blast trying to make baskets. She starts up basketball practice again tomorrow and is super-excited for it.

Then they rode bikes some more.

It was just a normal day of kids being kids.


  1. awww, cute pictures! I love those kind of days. We are excited to be able to get out and see you guys sometime soon!


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