Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Painted walls

When Squirt and I go to the library, I always park in the same place. Hidden from the "main" streets of downtown only one block away, is Broadway. For a few blocks it abandons the architecture firms, investment brokers, and major offices. In this section only feet from corporate America it feels quaint, a place not subject to the materialistic thinking often found in downtown areas. This portion of the road is littered with artistic organizations: Art studios, theater troupes, sculpture and so forth. It fascinates me to gaze through the windows as I pass for there is no telling what will be seen. Some of the art on display absolutely amazes me.

One of the things I love here is the prevalence of painted murals on building walls. It may be more common than I realize since the places I've called home have been rather few in number and rather vanilla in their "personality." Regardless, I am fascinated by the magnificent paintings I have seen around town. 

The other day I casually gazed down an alleyway sandwiched between two of these windows and saw this. It really spoke to my soul and made me smile. While not the magnificent, spacious, or grandiose murals I have come to look for as I drive around, I found it to be delightful. Truly we should wake up everyday, live, and give thanks. Though I think what I love best about it is the dreadlocks. They rock.

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