Monday, October 3, 2011

Dinner with Friends

We love food. You could say that's how we got into this whole marriage business... as it sort of acted as our "glue" from the very beginning. We also love friends and we have been so very lucky to meet some truly amazing people since moving. In order to merge the two we had friends over for dinner on Sunday.

The menu: Homemade rigatoni with pancetta in a fontina cream sauce, rolls, salad, and this cake. Only I chickened out and didn't add the black pepper to the icing. Now I have to make it again...

I didn't take many pictures that turned out well. It seems that whole low-light, no tripod, not-knowing-how-to-use-your-settings thing didn't fare so well for me this time. But there were some cute ones of the kiddos. And really, who doesn't love cute pictures of cute kids????

Little D-bug. She was a riot. I need little people around me more often because I miss this.

R-bug. I think the only time she doesn't smile is when I have the camera.

Squirt, vying for center of my camera attention. She cracks me up. As soon as I start taking pics of other people she has to shove herself into the middle and take over the limelight. She does NOT get that from her mother.

Ok, so I just couldn't get over this. She's so cute!! See the chocolate schmeared on her face? Yeah, I take credit for that.

I love to make small cakes. Typically I use 6 inch pans and cut recipes in half. As you can see, it was almost perfect!
I can't wait to do this again. It's so nice to know we're not in this PhD nonsense* by ourselves. Food, friends, & fun. What a fantastic time! Only next time I think I'll craft-it-up some and make crazy decorations and stuff. I started working on a crafty project the other night while Hulu was streaming old episodes of Wings on the 'ol Tele and His Hotness pointed out that I always have to be doing something with my hands. I'm not sure I ever noticed that. Anyway, next time I'll make it crafty-licious. Thanks B/M/R/D for a great night!

*I don't really think it's nonsense. FYI.

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