Monday, October 3, 2011

A day in the Life: 10.1.11

This day was pretty normal Saturday for us. Buglet woke up and started reading books on the couch (how I love that!). We had some leftover Challah bread so I made French Toast. The bread really makes a difference. How divine it was! Since this weekend was a little special (General Conference) our normal Saturday routine was slightly disrupted. Squirt and I got some great girl time and it was an awesome start to the weekend.

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  1. My thing Conference weekend is I always want cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning, so I end up making them Saturday evening . . . not that the family complains at all. ;)

    And we have no farmer's market, but we do have 3 tomato plants and one cherry tomato plant. Somehow I managed to have girls who don't like to eat cherry tomatoes . . . Didn't know such a creature existed . . . More for me!


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