Friday, January 2, 2015

TaterTot in Pics

It is so fun to be somewhere that actually gets natural light. My camera and I are really enjoying how much easier it is to get presentable images. I can't get pictures half this lovely at home (in the winter at least) no matter how I adjust my settings. 

He had so much fun exploring the homes of his grandparents and finding all the little things that he shouldn't be getting into. He's made some major strides this past couple weeks. 

Key things he's learned on this vacation:
  • how to go down stairs feet first
  • food is fantastic (namely refried beans, berries, cheese, hamburgers, and biscuits & gravy)
  • if wrapping paper should be torn, then all other paper must be free to be torn as well
  • snow is cold, but intriguing
  • when he hears his name it means someone is probably taking a picture and he should take off in the opposite direction
  • he is perfectly capable of walking, but just doesn't really want to

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