Friday, January 9, 2015

Old Friends

When in Utah we were able to meet up with some old grad school friends. It was bittersweet. We loved seeing them, but for me it reminded me how much I miss them and made me feel a tiny bit lonely. It's been so neat to see how student housing has shaped us and introduced us to the most remarkable people. We had planned to meet up with a couple more families also, but illness and family plans made for last minute changes. It was really fun to see my Asher - known in intimate circles as the boy half of the little people duo who inspired me to have a baby (matched only in girly cuteness by our niece, Tori).

Our little Whippy is not so little anymore. She also didn't want to be called "Whippy." Sad times.

One of the great things about making friends with people who have roots in similar geographic places is knowing that we will all be in a similar place at another time in the future.

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  1. Aww, we love you guys! And I love that picture of Jim and Whippy! She's just going to have to accept her nickname! So good to see you guys, and I agree, I hope to do it again when we are all in the area again. Thanks for getting it set up!


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