Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tate and The Rally Monkey

In our home, we like baseball. It's basically the only sport I have liked for most of my life, and if I had to guess it's one of Jim's favorites, at least it is now that baseball season is getting going. Most of the time I think his favorite sport is whatever is going on at the moment, just like his favorite food is whatever he's currently eating (unless it's chocolate pasta).

It looks as though his eyes are going to be brown. There was a lighter blue ring around his pupil that is now becoming a golden tan color. I am very happy about this - I love brown eyes and my family is filled with light eyes so they feel uncommon to me, even though that isn't the case in the worldwide genetic pool.

He really wasn't sure what was going on here.

He has the most expressive eyebrows. It's not uncommon for extreme ranges of emotion to be conveyed purely through the squishing of his eyebrows.

Check out that eyebrow dimple! It's pretty much my favorite. His little scowling face is pretty awesome too. I actually get this look from him quite often, as though he knows how ridiculous I'm acting to try and entertain him.

And... the winner. I wasn't sure I was going to get any smiles from him this time around. He was happy enough, but that monkey was just weird enough that he didn't quite know what to make of it. At one point he tried to smoosh the whole thing into his mouth and ended up with his face covered in loose white fur. Just you wait, little buddy, the rally monkey will make baseball unlike anything you've seen before.

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