Thursday, March 27, 2014

Neighborhood Fun

The neighborhood seems to be filled with little girls now. Ellie has made good friends with some of the kids near us and it's really fun to watch them all play. The other kids are all younger than Aeryn so she goes in phases where playing with them is fun, and others where she'd rather not.

Ellie and J were making "paint" by grinding up sidewalk chalk and mixing it with water.

Aeryn and A were just talking about something or another... probably mythology or books.

These are most of the kids that live in our immediate 2 buildings. Ellie had ridden her bike while Jim went running and didn't want to take her helmet off. Once she gets it on she will just leave it on for a few hours while she plays other things rather than put it away. We aren't sure why, but it is good for a little laugh.

There are some good climbing trees around, and evidently they are also good at catching the climbers who fall from their branches. Ellie's pants saved the day! She was literally suspended by her britches, which fortunately didn't tear.

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