Thursday, March 6, 2014

New tricks

In honor of being eight weeks old, Tate decided he was ready for some new tricks. Granted they probably aren't exciting to anyone other than me, but this little cutie has been sleeping through the night and no longer wants to be swaddled! He's two weeks ahead of Squirt on that milestone, not that it's a competition or anything (except that he is a Davis, so it probably is).

Correction: mom refuses to swaddle because he squirms so much the blanket somehow ends up wrapped around his head.

When Aeryn was a baby and I studied sleep training methods I learned that "technically" sleeping through the night is defined as 6 straight hours. By those standards Tate has been doing this off and on for a while, but since as parents we tend to define "sleeping through the night" as how it impacts our own sleep habits, I can say it's unofficially official now that he goes 8 hours between feedings and I am able to sleep undisturbed between 10 and 5 (though I don't really make it to bed at 10). 

Isn't it amazing how significant the little things are? It's so much easier to enjoy life with a baby when you consistently get some sleep.

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