Saturday, April 26, 2014

Outdoor School

Aeryn had the most exciting week of school in her young life. This past week was the 5th grade field trip. I remember going on an overnight trip in either 5th or 6th grade, though I remember little about it. Aeryn's school has typically stayed overnight at OMSI, but this year they decided to do an outdoor school instead. 

The 4th/5th grades spent two nights at a camp not far away. Each cabin had three sets of bunk beds for kids and a bed for a chaperone, there was a mess hall, and the kids each had chores. They did a number of hands on science based lessons outside coupled with some adventures. Rain was in the forecast (It is Oregon in the spring after all) so the kids were supposed to pack their stuff in garbage bags. I dropped her off at the school and hoped to stay and take a bunch of pictures; her with friends, loading the buses, driving off - reminiscent of pretty much everything she did in kindergarten. Once we got to the school however, she was ready to be rid of me and let me snap one pic before letting me know it was OK if I left then. 

She was very excited that this girl, J, was going to be in her cabin and educational group - The Forest Bunnies. They have been really good friends this year and fortunately will be at the same middle school in the fall. 

When I picked her up a couple days later she was beaming. Her favorite activity was canoeing, though she made sure to tell me the canoe was green, not yellow like Grandpa's. 

She insisted that she didn't need any help carrying her stuff, so I let her struggle through it. 

The kids made these tree cookie necklaces in class before camp to wear while they were there. I'm not sure that when she decided to be a giraffe she thought about how they would most likely not live in the forest. Who knows though, I'm sure stranger things have happened. 

They succeeded in wearing her out. This girl who normally wakes each day at 6:00 a.m. without an alarm slept in today until 8:00. It seems as though she loved everything about it. What a great end to elementary school.

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