Friday, May 2, 2014

Aeryn in the Grass

Yesterday I took family pictures for some good friends. Since Jim is still out of town on frat week I needed some help and made Aeryn come with me. I mean, someone has to be able to watch Tate while I frolic around clicking. When we first got there, I drove her nuts testing out settings with her as my model. "Go stand right there." "Now move over here." "Two steps back." "Would you smile please and at least pretend you are happy to be here?" Eventually, she had a little fun with it. Not to mention she was incredibly helpful with Tate and with our friends' two year old. I should always drag her along with me.

It hit me that next year she will be old enough to go to girls camp with our church, this is her last year in elementary school, and at her next birthday she will have reached the magical makeup-is-allowed age.

Part of me still sees her as a little kid, but she really isn't anymore.

We are so much alike, yet so different, and at times we drive each other absolutely crazy. She tries to be completely independent and I struggle to let her be more so. She has such a kind and compassionate heart and is very concerned with helping others feel good about themselves. She has no sense of time and does not know how to hurry, but she does know how to look around and drink up the beauty in the world, enjoying the little things all along her way. She is creative, silly, tender, forgiving, and happy.

She has changed me for the better. I don't know who I'd be without her.

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