Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jogathon 2014

It's that time of year again... the school jog-a-thon. Aeryn gets very excited for it every time, which I love because she isn't always the most motivated where athletic endeavors are concerned. Tate and I got to the track just a bit late so I missed the madhouse of a start, but she didn't mind.

She has been planning her running clothes for a full week. Somehow the school succeeds in building great excitement for this among the kids. At least, among our kid.

She ran by herself most of the time this year, unlike past years where she would be holding hands with a friend for most of the hour.

Tate really got a kick out of it for the first fifteen or so minutes. We were dancing to the music and he was really intrigued by all the kids and movement, which he demonstrated by smiling and cooing at everyone around us. After that I think he went into endurance mode, which was later followed by tired and I just don't care mode.

Squirt did 19 laps this year. I'm a little surprised based on how frequently she was walking slowly and talking with various friends instead of jogging.

Aeryn and L. She lives near us but will be moving this summer as her mom is graduating. They have had some fun times together - and running through the hose at the jogathon was one of them. 

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