Monday, December 19, 2011

A seemingly normal day

So, the kids are still doing homework even though it's the Holidays. In truth I'm really glad that Jellie-bellie's mom wants her to do some school work while she's here because Squirt got a little behind right before the break and like a mean mom I'm making her do the homework regardless of whether or not she can still get credit for it. I know, I'm heartless, and it's triggered a fair amount of drama. I can already tell she's going to get tired of hearing "In our house we work hard."

Which makes the other moments all the more sweet. That's how this whole business of raising little people seems to go; crazy and insane followed by tender and glorious.

Today we had a laid back sort of day. Dancing, tickling, playing games with neighbors and other such joyous things. His hotness came home from work early and brought some hormonal balance to the mix.

Who knows what was going on here to illicit such facial expressions... I can't get past how big Squirt looks compared to all the other kids, and how much Little Squirt has grown since summer. 

Are you making your kids work over the holidays or do you think I'm crazy? So far, it's working and I can't see my ideas changing anytime soon.

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