Sunday, December 18, 2011

All together

It started out by adding new ornaments to our tree, followed by decorating a Gingerbread guy, playing, making dinner, watching a movie, and then peacefully bidding farewell to the day. 

Attempting to get a shot of the girls modeling the new aprons I made them... One owl and one peacock. They were just too happy to goof off together...

The kids had a blast decorating Ginger-guy. Surprisingly, they ate very little candy during the process. Not none, of course, but far less than I'd have guessed.

Little Squirt's choice of dinner: Chicken curry and rice, homemade rolls, and spinach salad (Granted, the spinach wasn't little Squirt's idea.). We'd made chocolate ice cream but after Ginger-guy we forgot all about it and will save it for another day.

It is impossible to describe the volume of giggling that has ensued. Certainly there will be no silence in our home for the next three weeks. How fun it will be!

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