Friday, December 23, 2011

Ducks BBall

...or how to steal pom-poms from the college cheer squad.

You guessed it. We headed out to the ball game again. This time we were all together though, which made it all the sweeter. We had told bribed the kids that if they were super-duper good that day that they would get to open a Christmas present early.

Oh, yeah (the sound of Yello and a Twix commercial suddenly come to mind). You'd better believe that for a few sweet hours we were all powerful, almost super-human parents with the most obedient children known to man.

When they unwrapped their gifts, they found these matching pink Ducks Fan Club tees. Normally we avoid the matchy-matchy thing since they are definitely individuals and we'd like to preserve that - but this was an acceptable deviation from the norm. They like pink. And ducks. And pink ducks.

Then at the arena we bought them each a pom-pom to fully enjoy the experience.

The general student seating area includes that right adjacent to the band, which means right in line of sight for cameras. The girls dancing in their pink duck shirts and flailing pom-poms was caught on camera multiple times, which always brought squeals of delight and encouraged goofy behavior during every break in play time.

So I started taking pictures. His Hotness has a better camera than I do so I've sort of exercised my wifely co-ownership opportunity and confiscated it for a while. The only problem is that while his lens is far better, mine is a wider angle. Meaning my beloved self-portraits don't work with the nicer lens. I got pics of those of us who were sitting...

...and the girls when they gallivanted down the stairs to greet Puddles...

...and Jellie-Bellie when she ended up with one of the cheerleaders pom poms. We're still not entirely sure how that happened. One moment she was kid-flirting with Puddles, the next she's running up the stairs enthusiastically waving the metallic balls of fluff. 

It seems they had traded their fluff - but I'm not sure Puddles realized she was going to take off with them like that. Soon after he came to reclaim them.

After we took the game from N. Carolina we headed out for our typical after-sports ice cream where we ran into one of the cheerleaders the girls had been talking to. Fun times. This being all together stuff is incredible.

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