Monday, December 5, 2011


It's a well known fact that life is not predictable. That most (if not all) of us end up living a life that is so very different than what we imagined when we were young and impressionable. I mean really, is there a single person that you went to High School with who has ended up exactly how/who/what/where they imagined? I doubt it. But I think we can all look at life and see numerous beautiful things and amazing opportunities that they wouldn't have dreamt of.

For the last several weeks I've been babysitting this little munchkin three days a week. Today as Squirt sat and read books with her, my heart just filled with incredible awe and I was taken back with appreciation for the little things I wouldn't have predicted in my life.

I'm grateful that not finding a job means I get to be home every day when Squirt gets off the school bus. I'm grateful that we are here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and that the sun continues to shine sporadically, despite the rumors I've heard from neighbors. I'm grateful for mutually beneficial arrangements that are truly answers to unspoken prayers, and I'm grateful that my Squirt gets to be around younger children and have the chance to play and be silly with them while at the same time being her extremely compassionate self. And I'm doubly grateful that our two Squirts will get to be together again in less than two weeks. (Even though that sentence started with a conjunction and I'm actually selfishly anxious for Little Squirt's arrival because I miss her something fierce.)

Last week I was in a pretty deep funk and I still can't figure out why. This weekend I tried to re-focus on the good things in my life in order to implement a self-issued attitude adjustment. As a result blessings have been on the mind lately, but it struck me hard today as I watched this moment unfold. Life catches us by surprise continuously, but it can be a most beautiful thing.

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