Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Red Velvet

For my birthday, I was a little spoiled. Seriously, people are so kind it is overwhelming at times. A few of my former/current students threw me a birthday party. My birthday happened to be the last day of school and so the day before they recruited the help of the teacher next door to me to usher me out with a pretty lame excuse. When I got back to class, there was birthday banner, Krispy Kreme donuts, and ice cream sundae fixins. I cried. Seriously.

These kids have been awesome. I had them all last year as freshmen in their required science class and then half of them took electives from me this year. Every morning they'd come set up the room for me and share the dating drama of them, their friends, and everyone on So You Think You Can Dance.

As awesome as it was, it can't quite top the life I'm living now. Cute little Ellie girl picked out the red velvet cupcake mix from Sprinkles for my birthday and last night we baked them.

Cupcake mixes + little girls = Happy messes

It was a blast. Mixes are great for the attention span of little people, and they are perfect for alternating jobs between kids. Though I suppose I can do that from scratch too, sometimes I'm too much of a baking control freak. It's true. These were so tasty though, it's been all I could do to not eat them all gone for breakfast today.

Aer-bear got the beater this time. Surprisingly, there was no battle! Jellie-bellie wanted the spatula and Aeryn loves the beaters so I just estimated the same amount of batter on each and let them at it.

She was sooo funny here! Every time I tried to take a picture Ellie would tip her head farther back and hold the spatula in front of it so I couldn't see her. And yes, this is just the tip of the iceburg as far as red-stained skin goes. One spatula of this and you will not need to wear lipstick for a week!!

The girls were crazy excited to eat these. They struggled to be patient until were done but they did it.

Here they are pointing to the one they want to eat first. I told them that they could have one big one or two little ones and not surprisingly, they both chose two little ones. Ellie wanted a blueberry on hers with the sprinkles. After we survived the wait, they devoured the chosen cupcakes and headed straight to the bathroom where they compared their red tongues. My previous life has nothing on this. 

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