Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our mini-moon: Stop #3

Our third stop was a quick trip into Colorado Springs. We drove the Pikes Peak highway (or rather, Jim drove as the cliffs put fear into my heart that can scarsely be described with common language) and partook of the amazing sights that came with being 14,000 ft up. As we began the drive this sign was posted reporting the temperature at the summit as being a whopping 31.4 degrees. Hellooooo summer vacation!

Shortly after we arrived at the top, the Cog railway also arrived. The sound as it climbed the last steep portion was something to behold. I can't say that it made that trip sound more desirable - but then considering how I feel about cliffs (see above) that shouldn't be too surprising.

Jim had read/heard/seen somewhere about the donuts that are made at the summit. Due to the high elevation, the recipe has to have some serious modifications. NATURALLY, we had to try them. Seriously, they were fantastic. Better than expected, even with no icing or sugar gracing the outside.

 We get a little goofy sometimes. (It is fabulous!)

Just to prove we were there. And no, I couldn't find the house I grew up in as I looked across the Valley.

Looking slightly NW from the summit (I think). These reservoirs were spectacularly blue. Seriously beautiful. The entire journey was spent talking about the crazy drivers who race the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Let me tell you - the guard rails were well used and we figure they must have saved the lives of countless drivers.

From there I made Jim try Fargo's pizza which I belive he found to be a rather unusual, though tasty, experience. Before heading back up to Denver to pick up my buglet we spent some time in Garden of the Gods. Jim was filled with childhood memories of a trip there and I was filled with normalcy. I've been there so very many times. We walked around, drove to (non)balanced rock and discussed the oddities of reinforcing structures with cement to make certain they don't fall.


This picture was taken from the view area on Mesa Rd. as there are very few places in the park where you can get good pictures of kissing camels with Pikes Peak in the background. A few of my friends took their senior pictures up there. It sure does make for a great backdrop!

From there we drove to pick up the bug, drove a couple hours that night, and rested before hitting stop 4. (Hint: I love Vail!!!)

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  1. You two are so cute!! How tall is Jim? I'm really happy for you :)


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