Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini-moon: Canyonlands

From Black Canyon, we headed to Moab, UT. It's a great place to kill two national park stones with one bird... uh, or something like that.

Canyonlands did not have a helper post, so we got to position the camera on top of the car, set the timer, and hope for the best. You know that drill, don't you? Jim was trying to line up the camera just right while Aeryn and I were goofing off - so we ended up with a collection of random pictures of she and I doing ridiculous things. Fab-u-lous.

For right now the height difference is pretty evenly distributed. Jim is 12 inches taller than me, Aeryn is 12 inches shorter than me, it allllllll works out swell. I even think we could superimpose Ellie and that she would be roughly 12 inches shorter than Aeryn. Can we freeze the children at their current sizes? If they keep growing it will affect the perfect height variability balance.

We visited the Island in the Sky portion of Canyonlands. We'll have to go back one day to see the Needles area. This is the side that is typically seen in photos and is the product of the roaring Colorado river. Speaking of, have you seen it lately? The thing has flooded it's banks almost everywhere the length of I-70 that follows it. Like many feet above normal. Trees appeared to have no trunks and just be branches resting atop the water. Craziness.

Aeryn is getting pretty good at taking pictures. She took this one and it didn't have to be straightened or anything.

She took this one too. I may be biased, but I think it's utterly fantastic. Could be partly 'cause I really love that guy in it with me and so I can't help but smile.

This one she didn't take, but I'm guessing you figured as much.

At Upheaval Dome, which no one can really figure out how it's formed. We propped the camera up on a fencepost to get this picture, and then some guy came and offered to take one for us. He made a huge deal over setting up the picture just right, telling us where to stand, to take off our sunglasses and so forth. Then when we looked at the picture and the upheaval dome was nowhere to be seen. Fun-ny.

Ah, Finally a miscellany shot at Canyonlands. The cacti were all blooming and it was beautiful.

Mesa Arch. She took this one too. My little budding photographer. After this we headed back to town to grab dinner at a local brewery which had AMAZING homemade cream soda, hang out at camp for a bit, and just relax. 

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  1. I love your new blog. You guys look so incredibly happy! Congratulations on getting a temple date, best of luck! Wish CA was on the way to your new home... so you could stop in! Thanks for sharing about your mini moon, it looks like ya'll had so much fun.


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