Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fake Spring Saturday

It's not really spring yet, but it sure feels like it. The sun has been shining and the rain has been at a minimum. Believe it or not but that actually bugs me. I like having a deluge of rain in the late winter and spring so that summer is that much more incredible. I figure it beats shoveling snow at any rate. 

Today Jim had to work in the lab for a while so the kids and I headed out on an adventure. Aeryn has reached that point where she would rather "be sick" and stay in bed all day than hang out with parents so I was surprised she cooperated and came along with minimal protest. The promise of a trip to the mall probably helped.

I was trying to look at these cute snowdrops when Tate took off running. Him in the background was an accident but is the reason I absolutely love this picture. Moments later he tripped and tumbled down the hill a few feet. An hour later I had purchased him new shoes.

I'm determined to visit the Rhododendron Gardens numerous times this spring. I have never seen it with the rhododendrons in bloom and I have heard stories of how magnificent that is. Even though we have another year hear I am starting to get very nostalgic and wanting to make sure I see and do every single interesting thing. This crazy little town has gotten under my skin and feels very much like home. In fact, after only 3.5 years this place feels more like home than the city I lived in from kindergarten through graduation.

Tate loves to climb and explore and Aeryn is always happier after she's had a chance to be outside -though she tries not to admit that and hide in her room all day every day.

I used to look at mom's with boys and cringe over the messes. The wet or muddy clothes, filled with sand from our neighborhood park, always made me grateful that I had girls. It's crazy how already this little guy goes through more outfits in a day than Squirt ever did and I'm completely ok with it. I haven't cared one bit that I do laundry twice as often or change his clothes multiple times a day. It hasn't bugged me when he played in the mud or spilled something. I still panic when he climbs things I don't think he should be able to climb yet, but I think there may be hope of me surviving this "boy" experience.

This sunny Saturday is lovely. I'm grateful to have had it, now can we please have the rain back for a while?

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