Monday, February 23, 2015

A Week of Parks - The Disney Edition 2

There are too many pictures. I want to remember them all. As a result of the picture package, we ended up with a bunch of group pictures from the three days. It's nice since those are the type of pictures you are less likely to get when you are taking them all yourself.

In preparation for the trip, Grandma had given all the grandkids some Disney themed clothes. The two bigger girls and the two little girls both voluntarily dressed in matching tee shirts each day. It made it really easy to track down all our people!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was one of the favorite rides among the kids.

The picture package also made it possible to get all these "classic" shots would be harder to achieve on your own.

I felt silly sticking Tate in the picture while he was sleeping, but I'm glad to remember that he was there. He was a trooper. That boy hardly complained and was perfectly agreeable, despite being held or strapped in a stroller for the better part of several days. We did get better at finding times for him to roam and explore, but there was still a bit of sitting for him.

After this first day, some members of our party were sick, some had migraines, and others were having trouble juggling all the commotion that goes along with a big park so the pictures of us all together are nice to have.

T and Tate have a pretty special little bond. Tate would laugh hysterically at him in the pool and he just thinks that cousin of his is the best. T was the first person we told when we found out we were having a boy and he has been thrilled to not be the only boy grandchild anymore. I am so glad Tate can look up to him as he grows (no pressure, T).

 I love this crazy family I married into.

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