Monday, February 9, 2015


There was one more National Park we planned to hit while in Florida. Biscayne. This one was a quick stop, quicker still because we hadn't understood just how little there was to do without a boat (and because children were in a serious mood).

We walked around the boardwalk along the water and I made the girls kiss fish.

I feel like there is little to say about this park other than "Oh hey, we went there!" We weren't there at the right time to see any of the beautiful fish on our walk, we weren't prepared to go fishing, and we had no boat. It was pretty, and nice to see Miami in the distance, but not the easiest 1/2 day trip.

From there we headed toward Orlando, with a quick stop in Fort Lauderdale on the way so that Jim and Ellie could add one more temple to their travels. This brings the number of temples they have visited up to 51. I thought the day was beautiful and the colors bright, however my composition was lacking as I cut of angel Moroni in almost every single picture. Oops.

Our first few days in Florida got off to a great start. 

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