Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Utah Part 2

After several days with my parents we headed to Jim's family's home. I always have fun with them. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I won the lottery. I never knew marriage could be so awesome or that I could enjoy inlaws so much. Enough sappiness...

The girls had so much fun playing with this slip-n-slide Grandma Debbi & Papa Jim had. Ellie is far more adventurous on it than Aeryn, but that matches their personalities and isn't surprising.

It didn't take long for the kids to learn that skin slides much better than clothing.

I love this little face.

We spent days at Trafalga playing games and earning tickets. I hate games that give tickets. I'd much prefer the kids just do something for the experience rather than to earn some petty little trinket that will clutter their room and never get played with again.

This frog hopper is Ellie's favorite ride. She went on it over and over and over. There wasn't a line so this meant she rode it for probably twenty minutes straight.

Aeryn likes rock climbing, but she hasn't figured out that the harness is just to catch you if you fall. She was trying to sit down in the harness while climbing which made her muscles tire out much faster than they needed to.

Grandma held the boy while I made sure the girls were staying out of trouble. I often hesitate to let people hold him because I don't want to inconvenience anyone (even Grandparents), but I have to realize they love holding him almost as much as I do so it isn't an inconvenience at all.

The girls attacked each other on the bumper boats...

And Aeryn got to drive the cars...

It was a blast.

Back at their home, Tate fell asleep with his hand up on the side of the portable crib and I thought it was the cutest thing.

The girls snuggled with Papa Jim...

Tate saw his first fireworks...

And scootched himself under the bed to chew on the bed skirt...

Some highlights from when we were with Jim's parents:
Games & Rides at Trafalga
Waterslides at Seven Peaks
Ellie getting to eat her weight in berries
Z&L getting to meet Tate
Shaved Ice
I broke away and went shopping briefly with L, and even bought myself a new shirt! (I don't really do this much)
The pantry full of snacks the kids could grab from whenever they wanted
Bridal Veil Falls and feeding the fish
Deciding that Treehouse Masters is one of their favorite TV shows

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