Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Things to Remember

I haven't felt like doing much lately. Jim was out of town visiting Ellie for the weekend, which always affects each of us quite differently. Aeryn gets extreme mood swings, I get anxious about his safety, and Jim goes through his own gamut of feelings. As he was coming home I started to get that sinking feeling that I was getting sick. By Monday night I was a burning hot mess. Yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep. Fortunately, we've been spared the real nastiness that has been going around and, today at least, are all in a fairly good state - though the Dayquil may be responsible for that.

This morning I went to work just to find out I wasn't needed so I took the unexpected free time to check the camera memory card. Here's a couple moments from February that I don't want to forget.

Aeryn has made a really good friend at school. This is the first time she's really had a friend I would consider to be her "best" friend. She gives that title out liberally, but this girl may be the real thing.

She still loves to draw, and fortunately doesn't seem too scarred by my refusal to keep buying tracing paper. I want her to trust her own ability and not be crippled by a perceived need to trace. So far it seems to be working. On another note, did you know they make Monster High Uno? Complete with a card that has you act like zombies while giving cards from your hand to other players.

I about died when she brought this valentine home. I should have added a ruler for scale, it's about 12x18 inches and was noticeably different than the others given out.


This one was actually from January. It's the monthly lunch calendar and I've been holding onto it because I couldn't part with the note. It's been long enough now that the recycle bin is winning. I figure a picture is sufficient cute Kevin's sentiments.

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  1. Aeryn drew that monster high girl?! I am totally impressed, it's way better than I could do. And now I want to return the tracing paper we got Kason for his birthday. :)


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