Friday, February 22, 2013

An End to the Hiatus (I think)

It's been a crazy month. I can't really say why. I've started working as a substitute instructional aide in special needs classrooms and it is literally the hardest paid employment I've ever had, not to mention the lowest hourly wage I've had since 1997. Every time I walk into a middle school or high school I yearn to have a full-time teaching job again, but I'm sure that will happen in it's own due time. At least I hope it does. Until then, this job keeps our bank account better situated by doing little other than keeping me from random Target excursions in my free time. Oh, Target, how I love thee.

The other night we went to a duck basketball game. Squirt and I headed out to buy popcorn and found it was FREE. Who'd have thought? So we went back and joyously passed the time watching the game. Confession: I have no idea what happened. I was there and seem to remember that I watched the whole game, but my mind was obviously elsewhere as I can't remember one single minute of it.

I was too distracted by trying to take candid pictures with my phone. When I took the picture of Aeryn above, my mind immediately raced back to one of the first games we went to and this picture:

Holy moly, how much she has grown. Puddles however, appears to be ageless. The difference between ages 8 and 10 is mind blowing. I can't think about where she'll be by the time we (and by we I mean Jim) graduate(s) and some crazy 12 number has entered the picture. 


  1. The poor instructional aides seem to always have the hardest end of the deal! Good luck on finding that teaching position!

    Teaching, for me, is by far the most tiring job I've ever had--even more so than jobs which kept me very active for 8-10 hours at a crack. In those jobs, I came home and managed to start cooking dinner right away. Now, I come home and take a half hour nap before even thinking about dinner!

  2. The Lady Ducks, who are terrible to be succinct, got destroyed by Washington.


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