Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is the Post...

... with more pictures than anyone in their right mind really desires to see (except me). This is the month of the Oregon Track Club All-Comers meets. Which means anyone is welcome to participate regardless of competitive status. At least that was my impression before going and seeing how ridiculously good people can be. Wowsers. I'm pretty sure I'll never be running there. My delicate ego couldn't handle it.

The first day we went was for the kids and it was really something to behold. All manner of track events available for kids 4-12 for a mere $3 per participant. Ellie was able to get into any events she wanted for her age group and Aeryn was able to pick up to 3. First on the agenda was Ellie's 60m run. She was so very excited and we even had her wear her "I'm pretty good at winning" t-shirt. Yeah, the competitive spirit is definitely a Davis trait. She went out full force but seemed to get discouraged toward the end when some other kids were just a little bit faster.  

Aeryn's first race was the 400m. She hasn't really run much at all, even though this is her second time running at Hayward. She was feeling really great going into it and sure put her all into that race. She pushed herself harder than I've ever seen her and was broken hearted when she came in last. Poor kid. She's got terribly nonathletic parents. Jim was great about consoling her and pointing out how awesome she did. Gradually the emotions of the challenge came into balance and she relaxed a little.

Ellie then ran a 100m. stretch and did amazing! She really put her all into that one too, and I think it felt more real to her since it was long enough to actually feel like she was running on the track. Jim (in the bright blue hat) was cheering her on as she went and that made her feel like a champ. She was really tired when it was all done but also seemed to like this one better than the first one.

Like a real trooper, Aeryn decided to do her next race even though she was exhausted. Honestly, I'm more proud of that decision than anything else because I know all too well how hard it is to get out there and do something again after you feel like you didn't do well at all. She put herself completely into it again and this time came in next-to-last. That must have been enough because she was much happier with this race and is still excited to do it again sometime.

I suppose that we can say the girls both needed a little warm up to do their best.

They both received participation ribbons for each race and are so happy to have them. It seems a ribbon makes participating feel like the accomplishment it was.

Then the following day we went back for the adult version. Jim ran the 1500m and 800m while we cheered loudly from the stands. Actually, Aeryn and I just cheered but Ellie cheered louder than the rest of the observers combined. Many people commented about Jim's little cheerleader and how he must feel pressure from all the "Go Daddy!!" cheers. He ran crazy fast (in my humble opinion) and finished with times of 5:12 in the 1,500 followed by a 2:32 800 m 15 minutes later (I even won my age group).

Can you tell from the formatting and first person that I copied that from his facebook status? Yup, he pretty much rocks. I mean, if he can get me excited about running he must be pretty incredible because that may well be considered conquering the impossible. 

It's a happy day in Track Town, USA. 

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