Friday, July 13, 2012

I Didn't Meddle

Uncharacteristically,  I stayed out of the way. Today the girls made cookies, and they made them with minimal help from me. I'd love to say it was easy to let them do this but that would be entirely misleading, especially as I was well aware of the messes that were about to be created.


Aeryn was in charge of reading the recipe and then the girls were only instructed to make sure to allow each other to help. This is not always accomplished well in our household as they both want to help with the same things at the same time. They divided up the tasks rather well and were both actively involved in the process. I did have to leave the room laughing when Ellie was measuring the vanilla and half the bottle ended up splattering across the floor. It was relatively easy to embrace the work this little project was creating for me because they were just so funny to watch. 

Initially I intended to keep them busy with this project so I could study, since graduate work does not get done easily with the two of them around. Honestly, that was a pretty optimistic goal as I should have realized before hand. 

The only thing I helped with was the oven. As they were scooping the cookies Ellie gave me a fantastic explanation of how they are children and so they are supposed to be messy when they cook, "right?" It was pretty spot on, in my humble opinion. 

The cookies are delicious and the pride on the faces of the girls is even better. I did get a couple "Awww, man!" remarks once I reminded them that part of baking is cleaning up afterward, but other than that they had a great attitude about the whole deal. Considering we spent the entire day at home and I was constantly peppered with the question "what are we going to DO today?" I was quite relieved when they both counted this as one of the best parts of the day. 

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